3D Photoshooting

Import. Process. Render.

Today, technical products are developed with the help of 3D design (CAD) software. We can import these data and generate photorealistic images from these data. In this way, products can be marketed more speedily, while maintaining the image quality. Product changes can be taken into consideration even in the development phase.

For this, we do not need any camera or studio. The process consists of processing or modelling geometric data, applying physically correct textures and staging the product with experience and unlimited artistic means. In the case of a wide range of similar products, it pays to integrate the image production in an automated workflow – and thus help save resources and costs. In this area, we have the solutions you need.

1 Data exchange



You give us the CAD data of your product.

2 Import



We import the CAD data into our 3D application.

3 Processing



The geometry is optimised and repaired if necessary.

4 Materials



The model is textured with realistic materials.

5 Setup



We set up the camera, illuminate the scene and optimise the background and materials.

Title or Detail Shot



A title shot is a rendering of an individual product or product group staged with a background. A decorative, supporting element serves as background. The camera setting, illumination and scene setup are custom-tailored for the object.

Like a title shot, a detail shot is individually illuminated, and the camera is systematically adjusted.

Both require a lot of photorealistic materials and image effects. For this, we use physically correct shaders and camera settings. After the rendering, the motifs are optimised according to individual aspects in the post-production.

Standard Shot


A standard shot is an evenly illuminated rendering of an individual product or product group. The background is neutral, without decoration. For the setup, we especially pay attention to presenting the materials and surfaces in a realistic way. Our seamless workflow guarantees consistent quality; defined standards remain identical throughout all productions.

In this category, we can also employ automated processes. In this way, we can achieve an optimum price-performance ratio for larger quantities. Contact us!