3D Interactive

Present. Configure. No limitation.

This technology truly does away with all limits. Move around freely in the 3D space. Run every function in real time. Configure without any limitation. Integrate all kinds of media. Connect to all types of databases for every content. Control the presentation via mouse, touch, gestures or game controller. And do all of this on every platform, such as Windows, Mac, Web, tablets, smartphones, game consoles or Oculus Rift. Enjoy effects like augmented reality and virtual reality. Welcome to the future of presentation!

Agilent Virtual Instruments


Customer: Agilent Technologies
Virtual Instruments

An app that is capable of doing everything? Agilent builds instruments that handle complex analysis tasks and that can be extensively configured and combined. The task of this app is to present the entire portfolio. Moreover, all instruments can be operated in a realistic 3D setting. For every combination, every instrument and every part, information can be queried, howto real-time animations can be shown, and everything can be configured freely.

Other functions include camera settings, the isolated presentation of objects and more. The application is subject to ongoing development to enhance its functionality – the new way of presenting products.

Tasks of Creapolis

Design of the setup, operation, content. UX design, menu design, processing of CAD data as LowPoly geometry.

Scene setup, texturing, real-time animations, content creation, programming of all functions.

Published Versions
Windows Standalone
Apple iOS für iPad

Hauraton Hydraulik App


Customer: Hauraton

Product Finder for Drainage Channels by Entering the Parameters of the Target Area
Hauraton is an international provider of drainage channels for areas of all sizes. The Sales department requested an app that would enable optimum product presentation as well as the possibility to find products by specific area parameters and country-specific requirements.

Tasks of Creapolis

Handling of the CAD data of channels. Optimisation of the geometry and texturing for real time.

Programming of the selection window, menu and other functions.

Published Versions
Apple iOS Mobile für iPad

DB Railway Bridge Visualisation


Customer: Deutsche Bahn
Visualisation as Real-Time Tour

Within the framework of the expansion and development of the Karlsruhe-Basel track, Deutsche Bahn is building a railway bridge over the Wiese River. To effectively visualise what the structure will look like, Creapolis was requested to develop a real-time tour.

Tasks of Creapolis

Setup and texturing of the environment, the new bridge and an animated ICE.
Programming of the scripts required for the tour.
Integration of running water, 3D trees, ambient sounds, pedestrians and cars to make the scenery come alive.

Published Versions
Windows Standalone

Agilent Encore Configurator


Customer: Agilent Technologies
For the product launch of an innovative liquid handling system, the extensive configuration options were to be visualised in an app.

Tasks Creapolis

Processing of all CAD data as LowPoly geometry.
Scene setup, texturing, start animation of the system robot.
Design and programming of the configuration options.
Design and implementation of other app functions, including save function, PDF creation and inquiry.

Published Versions
Windows Standalone
Apple iOS für iPad

DISA Complete Foundry Line


Customer: DISA
Visualisation of a Complete Foundry Line

DISA develops and produces all systems required for the foundry. Creapolis was asked to develop an app that contains the entire portfolio.

The first version was implemented in the form of a trade-show presentation for operation on nine monitors and a touchscreen console. It was first employed with great success at the Metal China.

The system can be experienced in real time in 3D. For every part, hotspots provide access to a menu that leads to further animations, images or information on the systems.

Tasks of Creapolis
Design of the application. Setup and texturing of the entire system. Animation of all externally visible processes. Setup and provision of the content. Programming of all scripts.

Plublished Versions
Windows Standalone