3D Animation

Moving. Impressive. Informative.

Animated visuals attract more attention than still images. The animation makes sequences and processes visible. Conventional 3D animations can tell stories, explain functions and shed light on invisible processes.

Our spectrum comprises technical animation, character animation, visual effects shots and more. You can find a number of examples on this page. Refer to our Vimeo page for further animations .

Client: Atlas Copco
Project: Bead Inspection Solution

Client: ASE
Project: Identification System for Vehicles and Loading Units

Client: Handtmann
Project: E-Engine Housing

Agency: Schaller & Partner
Client: KWS
Project: Der König ist geboren

Client: Razorcat
Project: Razorcat

Project: RCCB operating principle

Project: The right ladder

Project: TwinLine modular cabinets

Client: BASF
Project: BASF Ultramid Advanced N Hero

Client: BASF
Project: TeamUp Concept Chair

Client: Handtmann Systemtechnik
Project: Integralmodul circular flow

Client: Wheelabrator Schweiz
Project: Strahlanlage CRC

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Client: Agilent Technologies
Project: Autosampler

Agency: Otterbach Concept
Client: Metz Aerials
Project: Metz L32 XS

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Client: Deutscher Genossenschafts-Verlag
Project: Intro für Jahresrückblick

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Client: Polytec

Project: TMS500

Agency: triogroup
Client: Horsch Maschinen

Project: InnoFalcon

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Agency: triogroup
Client: Horsch Maschinen

Project: InnoFalcon

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Agency: Kambeckfilm
Client: ABB

Project: Visualization of a production line

Client: Agilent Technologies
Project: Encore Multispan Liquid Handling

Client: Wheelabrator
Project: Blast machine DV4 1250

Client: BASF SE
Project: Polyurethane Cool Chain

Client: ABB
Project: Big data controler

Agency: neolog Communications
Client: Felss

Project: Forming machine CBC Compact

Client: Agilent
Project: 1290 Infinity II LC